Shareholder E-mail , Website & Discussion group

Share Holders resources

Parkway Village Equities Corp provides an email address and maintains a private shareholders website and a discussion group. These resources are for shareholders only. Each shareholder can ask for and obtain an account to gain access to the resources listed above.

Request access to your account

To request access , please send an email from your personal email to with the following information

  • full name

  • telephone number

  • building number

  • apartment number

The Office will confirm this information and you will be emailed your credentials

Please white list to ensure that you get your credentials

See below for links , instructions and help signing with your account

Shareholder's email :

Trouble signing in

Most users use Chrome as their default browser and are always signed into Chrome with their personal Google account. Google will allow you to sign in with your but will keep switching back to the personal account every time you try to access the Private website or discussion group. You have a few choices 

Sign out of your personal account and only then,  sign in with your Parkway account.

Manage Multiple accounts.

This is a bit tricky and you need to pay attention, additionally Google on its own will often switch to the default account.  

Use a different browser

Macs, Pads & PC’s come with a default browser installed. Most users typically use Google Chrome. Use the default browser to access Parkway Cyber assets 

Simpler instructions

Go to Gmail or click on this link  

If your personal mailbox comes up, sign out and sign in with your account and password sent to you earlier.

If prompted for account type select Google Workspace account

Change password if prompted, to a password of your choice.

Help with Google Chrome

Google Chrome holds on to your account in two locations. Both MUST be your account

If either is not your account. Sign out of it.

Sign out of Google account

Sign out in Chrome