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Committee Membership- Requirements

1. Applicant must be a current resident of Parkway Village.
2. Applicant must sign and date the Code of Conduct.
3. Attendance is expected as a voting member of a committee.
4. Understand process—meetings will be held in a parliamentary fashion.
5. Membership must be approved by the Board and renewed annually. Continued participation is at
the discretion of the Board.

Meetings- Parliamentary fashion (see below):

Process of Motions step by step:
● A “motion” is the mechanism that brings business “to the floor” and follows a specific format,
e.g., “I move that. . . "
● NOTE: When you make a motion, propose your action as exactly and specifically as you
can. Leave no doubt as to what it is you are asking the membership to agree to.
● Another member states, “I second. . . “
● The Chair repeats, “It has been moved and seconded. . “ This now becomes the main
● Once the Chair repeats the motion that is the motion, the maker can object/withdraw and
repeat it correctly.
● Once the Chair has stated the motion, the motion belongs to the body. The maker has the
right to speak first.

General rules of voting:
● Chair always asks for both “ayes” and “nays.”
● Abstentions should not generally be counted; the results of the vote reflect the wishes of those
who votes, not those who attended.
● If the motion requires more than a simple majority, ALWAYS ask for a counted vote. Insure
the results are properly entered into the minutes. If by a secret ballot, results and ballots are
to be sealed and held until the time for a recount has been passed.

● A quorum is defined by an organization’s by-laws.
● In the absence of a quorum, the assembly may fix the time to adjourn, recess, or take measure
to obtain a quorum.
● Any business transacted is null and void.
● Members may conduct an “informational meeting.”


Parkway Village Co-op Committee Members- Code of Conduct
As a ______________________committee member, I pledge to do my best for Parkway
Village and shall:
● Devote the time needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position;
● Attend all regular committee meetings;
● Be prompt, attentive, and prepared for all committee meetings;
● Contribute to and encourage open, respectful, and thorough discussions by the
● Disclose any personal or organizational conflict of interest that I may have and refrain
from discussing or voting on any issues related to that conflict;
● Be honest, helpful, diligent, and respectful in my dealings with the co-op, with other
members, and with the co-op's management, staff, and members/owners;
● Refrain from becoming financially involved or associated with any business or agency
that has interests that are, or could be perceived to be, in conflict with the co-op's;
● Work for continued and increased effectiveness in the co-op's ability to serve its
● Be a team player and agree to abide by the majority action of the members, even if it is
not my own personal opinion;
● Present the agreed-upon view of the committee members, rather than my own, when I
speak to employees, members/owners, shoppers, or the general public;
● Refrain from asking for special privileges as a committee member and from interfering
with management's authority;
● Work to ensure that the co-op is controlled in a democratic fashion by its
members/owners and that all elections are open, fair, and encourage the participation of
all members/owners;
● Continually seek to learn more about the co-op and its operations and about my responsibilities
as an at-large committee member by pursuing educational opportunities;
● Keep discussions, materials and proceedings of the committees and the committee members
● Not voluntarily disclose any discussions, materials or proceedings to non-committee members
other than board members, management representatives and the coop’s professionals (i.e.,
attorney, architect, engineer, accountant or other professionals hired by the co-op to assist on
specific matters);
● Not exceed the authority granted to the committees which means, among other things, I and the
committee shall
I. Not poll shareholders or residents of the cooperative on issues under consideration by
the committee or the board of directors
II. Not spend money or incur and debt on behalf of the cooperative without written approval
of the board or the Executive Committee
III. Ensure that the committee keeps accurate minutes of the committee meetings and the
actions taken by the committee.

As a committee member, I agree to abide by this Statement of Agreement. I agree that if, in
the opinion of two-thirds majority of co-op directors, I have violated the letter or spirit of this
agreement, l shall resign my position on the committee immediately and shall not seek to cause
continued disruption to the co-op and the co-op board for that action.

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