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Lynette Rodriguez

As a Parkway Village resident, I have seen and see the potential of this place I call home. I, Lynette Rodriguez, am interested in becoming a part of the change that is to come. I would love to be considered for the position of Board Member.

I currently hold the position of Senior Revenue Manager at Northwell Health. In this role, I am helping to shape and impact our dental department. Day to day we are bringing our department to the forefront with innovation and technology. With my experience in managing, training, and development, I will be able to assist in bringing projects forth and furthering us in current processes.

In my spare time, I enjoy giving back to the community. I currently sit on the board for Diversity in Dentistry Mentorships as Treasurer. We work on elevating minority students and providing them with tools to become future dentists. We provide opportunities to those that may not have had access to them without us. I am joining the climate change slate to help promote a fresh new perspective. I have seen the tremendous progress with the current board and would like to continue this work to make Parkway Village an even better place to live in.

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