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Terry Saunders

I have been a resident of Parkway Village since 1983. I would like to spend a peaceful
retirement here. I am a graduate of Harvard College (B.A.) and Boston College Law School
(J.D.). I served as an Assistant District Attorney in New York County under the Honorable
Robert M. Morgenthau, had a private law practice before joining the New York State Division of Parole as an Administrative Law Judge for the New York State Board of Parole. I retired in 2017 having served as the Chief Administrative Law Judge since 2005. In that position I was
responsible for the supervision of more than fifty employees including thirty-one administrative Law Judges and Preliminary Hearing Officers as well as support staff assigned to work sites around the state.

Evaluating the credibility of evidence, both documentary and testimonial was a great part of
what I did as an Assistant District Attorney, a lawyer in private practice and as a judge. I have
cross-examined and observed others cross-examine expert witnesses in many disciplines
ranging from scientists (DNA), medical doctors, CPAs, bankers to automobile mechanics. I know how to prepare and what questions to ask. If reelected to the Parkway Village Board of
Directors, I will continue to bring that expertise to meet the needs of the community.

Most importantly, I will bring my devotion to the due process of law; fundamental fairness. This is the reason I became a lawyer and why throughout my career I have worked to remove bias from the system as well as my own decision-making process. Everyone, regardless of perceived status deserves the right to be heard and to receive equal treatment under the law and in life.

I am a member of the Climate Change Slate and have served on the Parkway Village Board of
Directors since October 2021. Since that time significant progress has been made in restoring
freedom from fear and intimidation, ethical administration, and fiscal responsibility. If
reelected, we remain committed to building upon this solid foundation of achievement to make our Village an even better place to invest and live in.

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