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Shari Ferguson

I moved to Parkway Village in 2013. As a first-time homeowner, I was excited and extremely proud that I was able to accomplish what many could not at a young age. Though, I have generally kept my head down, as work has kept me quite busy, during the pandemic there was a dynamic shift in thought with respect to the Village I fell in love with in 2013. It was more than evident that change needed to take place and Parkway Village was in desperate need of a fresh set of individuals that are adequately skilled and capable of putting the needs of shareholders first by protecting our investment in our beautiful community.


As an tax attorney at a major firm, I serve multi-national, fortune 500 clients covering various industries including home building and real estate, consumer and industrial products, health care, financial services and insurance, retail, heavy manufacturing and more. I assist with leading large engagements and assist my clients with tax planning and compliance with the Internal Revenue Code including proactively planning to maximize the value of their current tax position. Prior to joining my current employer, I was the Controller for a boutique multi-national private equity firm, where I oversaw the financials for the holding company, as well as all of its subsidiaries. With my experience, I will continue to assist Parkway Village and its Shareholders in preserving and increasing the value of our investment over the long term.

I am a member of the Climate Change Slate and have served on the Parkway Village Board of Directors since October 2021. Since that time significant progress has been made in restoring freedom from fear and intimidation, ethical administration, and fiscal responsibility. If reelected, we remain committed to building upon this solid foundation of achievement to make our Village an even better place to invest and live in.

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